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Our ready-bench of grass-tops faith leaders, passionate advocates, and on-the-ground service providers are well-equipped to support your legislative efforts to reform our criminal justice system. Our networks include prison chaplains, reentry experts, youth and gang-violence prevention service providers, and many other diverse ministries.

Sign-on Letters

Click on the link below to view coalition sign-on letters for various criminal justice issues.

Note that an ICJC sign-on letter does not represent the position of all coalition participants as listed on this site. Each letter represents the position of those coalition groups who signed onto a given letter.



ICJC recently hosted “Prison Abolition and Faith Communities: A conversation with Dr. Vincent Lloyd and Dr. Joshua Dubler. In their 2019 book Break Every Yoke: Religion, Justice, and the Abolition of Prisons, Dubler and Lloyd argue that religion is both connected to the rise of mass incarceration, and a necessary element in its dismantling via abolition.

Note: The views, thoughts and opinions expressed in this recording belong solely to the presenters. This conversation does not constitute or imply the endorsement of the call to dismantle prisons through abolition by organizational members of the ICJC and any of their employees.

For more information and to view the video