Overview of the Coalition

The Interfaith Criminal Justice Coalition (ICJC) consists of over 50 national, faith-based advocacy organizations in Washington, DC. We are a working group of the Washington Interreligious Staff Community and a coalition partner with the Justice Roundtable. The ICJC seeks a faithful response to end mass incarceration, fairer sentencing, and supporting restorative reentry programs in our communities and the entire nation.

Informed by our grassroots partners, our organizations approach this work with a deep understanding of the intersectionality of poverty, racial bias, and mental and physical health disparities. We also understand the need for a holistic approach to reforming the system. We believe that justice systems based on punishment are both unworkable and spiritually bankrupt and seek the creation of systems based on the premise that rehabilitation is possible for people who commit criminal acts.

Vision Statement

Rooted in faith: Equity and transformative justice for all.

Mission Statement

We advocate for a transformed justice paradigm that respects divine-human dignity, prevents harm, promotes restoration with accountability, and seeks wholeness for all communities.